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Zibo Crusher The Master Of Mechanical Equipment Used In Shandong Gold Mine Development

Last Update:2020-05-12 06:50:39

As one of the very large gold development bases in China, gold production, reserves and output value of Shandong Province have been in the forefront of the country for many years. Gold mining has become the first-class project in Shandong heavy industry. After investigation, the crushing equipment of Shandong gold mine production line is Zibo crusher. Why do customers choose this crusher? Let's listen to your ideas. The following is the feedback from several gold mining enterprises we interviewed by telephone.

Gold mine enterprise a: first of all, the enterprises that do gold mine development know that the investment in gold mine development is very large, and there are special plans for mining right and production design in the early stage. Our company's production line is just around the mine. The primary reason why I choose Zibo crusher is its safety and reliability. In the process of gold mine operation, time is efficiency, and the continuous operation of equipment and the smooth operation of production process are more important. All indexes of Zibo crusher have reached the national safety certification standard. We are more concerned about the wear of parts. The main parts of the machine, such as moving jaw, jaw plate and eccentric shaft, are made of high manganese steel, with very high wear resistance. Working more than 10 hours a day, high-intensity continuous operation without any problems. Shandong so many crushing equipment manufacturers, I think this is the main reason why I choose Zibo crusher.

Gold mine enterprise B: my production line is operated underground. In addition to considering safety issues, I will pay attention to the floor space of equipment when selecting crushing equipment. The underground resources are limited, so a production line should be arranged. Apart from the crusher, there should be space for the installation of vibrating screen, cone crusher and screening machine. Zibo Mining machinery crusher is small in volume, less in space than similar equipment, and it will not affect the working efficiency in the least, so the installation and operation are very simple.

Gold enterprise C: in the mining and processing process of gold ore, the ore before entering the crusher contains a lot of metal components, not only the gold element, but also the grade of raw ore is different. Generally, the gold that can be extracted per ton of gold ore is only 2-10g. In order to effectively realize the classification of metal elements in ore, Zibo crusher manufacturer added iron removal device in the new crusher design, which is a new breakthrough, representing that the manufacturer has been paying attention to our actual needs and upgrading the equipment, greatly improving the crushing quality.


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