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Zhangqiu Crusher Manufacturer Talks About The Safety Of Equipment Installation

Last Update:2020-05-02 22:32:46

Crusher plays a leading role in many production at present, which can be seen everywhere in modern production. Compared with other traditional crushing equipment, Zhangqiu crusher has many advantages, more advanced production technology, easier operation, and simple maintenance, which can save a lot of costs for enterprises. We must pay attention to the safety problems during the production of equipment. Let Zhangqiu crusher manufacturer take us to understand the safety problems of equipment installation.

Once Zhangqiu crusher is purchased, it needs to be installed. There are many requirements for the installation of the equipment. Firstly, it should be installed in a place that can avoid the wind, rain and snow. It is not allowed to store the equipment directly in the open air. In this way, it is easy to cause the equipment to be exposed to the wind, water, sun and rain, resulting in corrosion and rust, affecting the normal use. The broken motors in Zhangqiu City are generally installed at the back of the equipment, and the rotation direction shall be in accordance with the instructions, and it is not allowed to reverse rotation.

When installing the Zhangqiu crusher, it is usually fixed on the concrete ground. At the same time, pay attention to reserve the ore discharge chute on the foundation. The inclination of this ore discharge chute is generally greater than 50 degrees. The specific inclination should be determined according to the actual production situation. The discharge port of the equipment shall be adjusted reasonably, but before adjustment, the tension spring shall be loosened first, and then the spring tightness shall be adjusted properly after the adjustment. Generally, it is more appropriate to eliminate the noise and ensure that the elbow plate does not fall off during the operation of the crusher in Zhangqiu city.

Zhangqiu crusher manufacturer said that in the process of equipment production, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of other two equipment and carry out strict management, so as to ensure a very large production efficiency, conducive to the operation of the production line, and to ensure that the working face will not be blocked. In addition, in order to facilitate the transportation of materials and finished products, the material in and out of Zhangqiu crusher is generally transported by fully automatic mechanized equipment, which is more efficient.

During the installation of the crusher, all operators must pay attention to the safety issues that need to be paid attention to. Generally, the installation precautions of the crusher in Zhangqiu City are the above. It is hoped that all operators can install reasonably to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and pay attention to personal safety, so as to make Zhangqiu crusher play a very important role.


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