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Working Principle Of Lubrication System Of Imported Multi Cylinder Cone Crusher In Germany

Last Update:2020-05-12 06:42:43

The cone crusher is composed of many system components, in which the lubrication system is the core component. The main function of the lubrication system used by the imported cone crusher is to reduce the friction between parts, which can effectively avoid the wear of parts caused by excessive friction, and more effectively ensure its efficient production. So how can the German cone breaking lubrication system be improved to make the production efficiency faster?

The lubricating oil of multi cylinder cone crusher generally enters into the equipment in two ways, one is mainly through the oil hole under the equipment, which can be divided into three branches. The other is mainly through the hole on the transmission shaft frame of the circular crusher to enter into the inside of the cone breaking. The lubricating oil of imported cone crusher has certain pressure, and the bushing on the equipment will be aged during production, so some measures need to be taken to improve during production to ensure its longer service life.

The service life of imported cone crusher's bushing is about three months. Once there is any abnormality, it will have a huge impact on the normal production. The main reason is that the bushing and the cone broken body are mainly positioned by casting zinc. When the multi cylinder cone crusher runs for a long time, the vibration produced by it will cause the loosening of casting zinc. In the process of improvement, first of all, two spiral oil channels can be opened outside the hollow shaft in the counter clockwise direction, so as to increase the oil supply of the upper part and solve the problem of oil shortage of the bushing.

In addition to the above improvement method, in order to eliminate the resistance caused by the blockage of the lubricating oil circuit due to the upward movement of the bushing, several notches of the same size can be cut on the bushing of the imported cone crusher, so as to ensure the smooth return of oil. Through these basic system improvement methods, on the one hand, it can prevent the safety accidents caused by the liner of the multi cylinder cone crusher, on the other hand, it can save the time of maintenance call cost and save a lot of expenses for the enterprise.

The application of the German cone crusher is very extensive, but in the actual production process, due to various reasons, the production efficiency of the equipment will be low and other failures, which requires timely adjustment of the equipment system, take some effective solutions to improve the multi cylinder cone crusher, only in this way can we ensure that in the production process to reduce the occurrence of failures At the same time, it brings great production benefits to the enterprise.


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