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Working Principle Of Deep Analysis Impact Crusher And Its Adjustment In Application

Last Update:2020-05-09 14:08:58

Only by understanding the operation law of the equipment can we make good use of the equipment and make it serve our production and life. When the impact crusher is used to crush the brittle hard materials, its performance in all aspects is fully developed. Of course, processing other medium hard materials, the finished product is also very perfect, the size is adjustable. In order to further help the majority of users to use the impact crusher correctly, extend the service life of the equipment, and make it better serve the production. Professor Zhang of the National Association of mining machinery industry decided to deeply analyze the working principle of the impact crusher for the majority of users.

First of all, Professor Zhang pointed out that "generally, the impact breaking is the material breaking by the reaction force of return commission. The plate hammer on the high-speed rotating rotor impacts the materials sent into the crushing chamber at a high speed and breaks them, and causes the broken materials to throw at the impact plate at the other end of the crushing chamber at a high speed along the tangent direction, and is broken again by impact. Then it rebounds from the reaction plate to the plate hammer, and this process is repeated to obtain materials meeting the grain size requirements. On the way back and forth of the material, it will be impacted by the hammer, the impact of the counter plate and the collision between the materials, gradually producing cracks, loose and crushed. When the particle size of the material is smaller than the gap between the impact plate and the plate hammer, it will be discharged. " According to the principle of the impact crusher, we can control the particle size of the material when discharging by adjusting the gap between the impact plate and the plate hammer.

Secondly, Professor Zhang stressed that "the specific crushing forms of counterattack include free crushing, rebound crushing and milling crushing. When crushing materials, the materials are suspended and impacted by the plate hammer. If the particle size is small and the impact force passes through the center of gravity of the particle, the material will be thrown along the tangent direction to be free crushing. If the particle size of the material is large, the material cannot be completely broken when it is thrown out, which will produce rotation. The direction of throwing is at an angle with the tangent direction, and it is bounced back by the impact plate, which is called rebound crushing. After the material is impacted by the previous times, due to local damage and torsion, the material is no longer in regular motion according to a certain trajectory, and is repeatedly thrown back and forth in the machine, which is milling crushing. " Professor Zhang paused, pointed to the picture of the impact crusher on the wall, and continued: "different materials have different properties and processing requirements, so it is necessary to adjust the gap between the impact plate and the plate hammer and the number of the crushing chamber, and strive to realize the processing of materials in a short time and low power consumption, which can not only produce efficiently, save costs, but also make full use of and protect the equipment Spare, extend service life. "


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