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Working Principle Of Conveyor Of Compound Crushing Equipment

Last Update:2020-05-06 21:58:22

In today's society, the work and production of various industries are inseparable from the transport equipment, crushing equipment operation is no exception. The unique structure design of the conveying device of the crushing equipment enables it to play its outstanding advantages in the operation of the crushing equipment. The structure of crushing and conveying equipment includes belt, frame, transmission device, cleaning device, tensioning device and head and tail part. Different types of compound crusher are equipped with different devices to meet the requirements of different production lines.

The crushing and conveying equipment can be used for horizontal or inclined transportation, with a wide range of application. At the same time, the transportation capacity is large and the distance is long, and the fragmentation in the transportation process is also calibrated in the coal industry. The composite crusher crushing and conveying can reduce the coal dust and energy consumption, so it is widely used in the coal mine or the transportation port.

When the conveyor of the crushing equipment is working, the motor is used to provide all the power. At the same time, the hydraulic coupling is a very important structure, which is used to improve the performance of the motor. The transmission device is used to transmit the power. The reducer can reduce the speed and increase the torque. The unloading roller on the unloading arm can prevent the deviation of the conveyor belt It can be seen from the working principle that the existence of any part has its unique significance, complements each other and completes the high efficiency work of the conveyor together.

The working efficiency of crushing and conveying equipment is so high, so the competition in the market is also very fierce. Throughout China, there are many manufacturers of crushing and conveying equipment, including some extremely excellent manufacturers. The structural design of their crushing and conveying equipment has reached the international advanced level. The fierce competition also promotes the transportation industry With the continuous development of the market, the requirements for the conveyor of crushing equipment are higher and higher, not only the bending performance is good, but also the requirements for fire-proof performance and antistatic performance are improving.

The compound crusher can be equipped with belt storage device, pulling device, loading platform and unloading platform. In a word, the structure design is very reasonable and in place, which is a popular equipment in the conveying system. From these requirements, we can see that the future development direction of crushing and conveying equipment must be the emergence of high-strength crushing and conveying equipment. Only in this way can we adapt to the changing market, stand out in the market, and promote the continuous progress of the industry. We believe that in the future, the structural design of crushing and conveying equipment will be more reasonable, more intelligent and human-oriented Turn.


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