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Working Principle And Structure Of Chain Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-09 02:29:26

This paper will focus on the chain crusher. Chain crusher is rarely mentioned in the previous articles because it is rarely used in the mining process, but more used in the processing of compound fertilizer. But chain crushers can also be used in mining. Because of the particularity of its application, we need to understand the working principle and structure of chain crusher.

The chain crusher is mainly suitable for the crushing of lumps in the production of compound fertilizer. In the process of pulverizing, the machine adopts high-strength and high-strength hard alloy chain plate with synchronous speed. The design of inlet and outlet is reasonable, the crushed materials are uniform, not easy to stick to the wall, and easy to clean. The main working part of the chain crusher is a rotor with a steel ring chain, one end of the ring chain is connected with the rotor, and the other end of the ring chain is equipped with a ring chain head made of wear-resistant steel. The chain crusher belongs to the impact crusher, through the high-speed rotating chain to crush the impact of the block. Chain crusher can also be widely used in chemical industry, building materials, mining and other industries.

In the double rotor structure of horizontal chain crusher, each rotor shaft has its own drive motor, and the peripheral speed of chain head is within the range of 28-78m / s. The horizontal chain crusher is composed of feed port, body, discharge port, rotor (including bearing), transmission device and vibration damper. In order to prevent the friction between the adhesive and the body steel plate, the body is lined with a rubber plate. A quick opening access door is arranged on both sides of the machine body. The machine body and transmission device are installed on a base made of section steel, and the lower part of the base is installed with vibration damper and connected with the base. All of these designs can reduce the hidden danger in the process of machine operation and ensure the smooth operation of the machine. In addition, customers also need to do regular maintenance for the machine. Regular maintenance can extend the service life of the machine and create more economic value for customers.


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