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Working Principle And Performance Advantages Of Cage Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-07 17:31:34

It is reported that in recent years, local leaders in various provinces have frequently investigated the local railway line and put forward new requirements for the intercity railway project. Fujian Province recently issued a document, which proposed that 11 main lines or branch lines of railway will be built from this year to 2015, and 1085 kilometers of new railway operation mileage will be added in three years. Before that, both Guangdong and Zhejiang have put forward grand urban rail plans. The "surprise spending" of the Railway Corporation in the fourth quarter, together with the "heart power" injected by various localities in the field of intercity railway, may make the railway construction in the country become white hot in the remaining months. In the next few months, railway investment across the country will increase significantly. This shows that China's infrastructure construction is still in a period of rapid development, especially the increasing demand for stone production line equipment shows that the market opportunity of China's crusher industry is still picking up.

The crusher industry has a history of several decades in China, especially in recent years. The crusher is mainly used for crushing all kinds of stones. Crushers are widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, roads, railways, water conservancy, chemical industry and many other sectors. Commonly used crusher equipment are jaw crusher, impact crusher, squirrel cage crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, hammer crusher, mobile crusher, etc. Shanghai Shibang professional production of various ore crushing equipment.

Crusher has different models according to different purposes, each model has its own unique advantages. For example, the impact crusher is popular because of its simple structure and large crushing ratio. However, due to the low wear resistance of the impact crusher plate hammer and impact plate, it is not smooth for the crushing of high hardness materials; the hammer crusher plays a huge role in high hardness crushing due to its hammer head. The squirrel cage crusher has the characteristics of novel structure, compact, low noise, large production capacity and wide application. According to their own needs to mine what kind of ore to decide what kind of crusher to choose in order to save more time and cost.

There are many manufacturers of squirrel cage crusher, and the working principle of the squirrel cage crusher is basically the same. The machine is composed of frame, frame, stator, rotor, cutter row, screw feed sleeve, transmission parts, etc. During operation, the motor drives the main shaft to rotate through a pair of belt pulley deceleration, and the main shaft is equipped with screw feeding sleeve and rotor parts. The fruit lifted from the previous process falls into the feed hopper. Due to the gap between the screw feed sleeve and the machine base, the material is pushed forward along the axial direction, and at the same time, it gets coarse crushing. The coarse crushing material immediately enters the fine crushing area; the scraper on the rotor rotates with animal material at high speed, and the knife row on the stator further breaks the material. According to the different production capacity and technical parameters, the price of squirrel cage crusher is not the same, and the specific needs should be based on your needs, so that the manufacturer can tailor the more appropriate equipment for you.


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