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Working Principle And Application Requirements Of Various Types Of Hammer Crushers

Last Update:2020-05-01 03:22:56

Hammer crusher, as a common type of crusher at present, not only has a certain advantage in technology, but also has a wide range of applications. Generally speaking, there are many types of hammer crusher. Hammer crusher is one of the main equipment of fine limestone, coal and other brittle materials under medium hardness in the basic industrial departments of metallurgy, building materials and so on.

First of all, for the hammer crusher, we have a related introduction. According to the number of rotors, the hammer crusher can be divided into single rotor and double rotor; according to the direction of rotor rotation, it can be divided into reversible and irreversible; according to the way of hammerhead fixation, it can be divided into hammerhead fixed type and hammerhead hinged type. Vertical shaft hammer crusher is a multi cavity vertical shaft hammer crusher with rotor shaft placed vertically. Of course, the working principle of different types of Hammer Crushers is the same.

In order to meet the working principle of the hammer crusher and let the equipment compete for production and use, the hammer crusher also has its basic use requirements: the hammer crusher shall comply with the provisions of JB / T 3766-2008, and be manufactured according to the drawings and technical documents approved by the specified procedures. The manufacturer shall ensure that the purchased parts matched with the crusher meet the current relevant standards and have the certificate of conformity. The limit deviation of machining parts without tolerance indications shall comply with the provisions of class m in GB / T 1804-2000 General tolerances linear and angular dimensional tolerances without tolerance indications. High manganese steel castings shall comply with the provisions of GB / t5680 high manganese steel castings. Weldments shall comply with the provisions of JB / T 5000.3 general technical conditions for heavy machinery part 3: weldments. Electrical equipment shall comply with gb5226.1 mechanical electrical safety mechanical electrical equipment Part 1: General technical conditions.

On the other hand, the requirements for the whole hammer crusher mainly lie in the interchangeability of vulnerable parts of the same type crusher in the same enterprise. The basic parameters and driving direction shall meet the requirements of system technology. All joints, inspection doors and covers of the machine body shall be sealed tightly without dust leakage. The bearing shall be well sealed, and the temperature rise of main bearing shall not exceed 35 ℃. All lubricating and hydraulic parts shall be well sealed without leakage, and their hydraulic system shall comply with the provisions of general technical conditions for hydraulic system (GB / t3766). At the same time, the user is required to strictly follow the instructions in the instructions and master the working principle of hammer crusher, so as to ensure the safe and scientific use of the equipment and the smooth progress of industrial production.


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