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Where To Start The Maintenance Of Concrete Block Crusher Of Miner Machinery

Last Update:2020-05-12 00:50:31

In the process of use, if the cement block crusher is not maintained regularly, the equipment will fail because of the thought or other reasons, so as to reduce the working efficiency of the equipment and make the production not reach the expected effect. So where to start the maintenance of miner's concrete cement block mechanical crusher? The following is the introduction of relevant content.

1: Each equipment has its own temperature range in the process of operation, the cement block crusher is no exception, the temperature will have a certain impact on the crusher. Therefore, the operator must check the temperature of the equipment regularly in the actual work, and wait until the temperature reaches the predetermined stage before normal operation. Secondly, the operator should put an end to the operation of the mechanical crusher of the miner under the high temperature, and check the resin of various temperature meters on the equipment frequently to see if it is within the normal range. If any problem is found, it should be solved in time. For those problems that can't find the reason, we should wait until the problem is solved before working.

2: Impurities will also affect the work of the miner's mechanical crusher. In general, mechanical impurities mainly refer to dust, soil and other non-metallic substances, as well as impurities generated by the equipment itself during the use of crusher. If these impurities can not be removed in time and effectively, once they enter into the interior of the equipment, the harm is considerable. It can not only add the wear of parts, but also cause the damage of lubricating oil film. Increasing the temperature of parts will lead to the quality change of lubricating oil and affect the production efficiency of concrete block crusher. Therefore, in the actual work, the operator must regularly clean the surface and internal impurities of the crusher to prevent impurities from staying on the "body" of the equipment.

3: Corrosion will also have a certain impact on the concrete block crusher. The corrosion is caused by the operator's failure to maintain the equipment. As corrosion is a chemical reaction invisible to the naked eye, it is easy to be ignored. Therefore, when using the equipment, the user must prevent the cement block crusher from corrosion, shortened service life and low production efficiency according to the local weather change at that time.


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