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Where To Produce Pebble Sander With Good Quality

Last Update:2020-05-01 13:09:42

As we all know, river pebble is the most common natural stone with hard texture. It is widely used in construction engineering to process River pebble into sand. With the continuous progress of the society, there are more and more infrastructure construction. The natural sand and gravel aggregate can not meet the demand of the market. The sand and gravel aggregate market is in a tense state, and the loss of natural sand constantly leads to the mechanism sand of the pebble sander becoming the favorite in people's eyes. Therefore, many enterprises have invested in the sand production line, and the pebble sander finally can In order to be useful.

Under the condition that pebble sand production line is widely popular, many customers don't know which kind of equipment to use to make pebble sand, and how much is pebble gravel production line? Better equipment for making river pebbles into sand? Liming introduces a better equipment for making river pebbles into sand - VSI new sand making machine (VSI new sand making machine). At present, this new sand making machine is a better equipment with better sand making and stone shaping effect. The river pebbles are hard in nature. The traditional sanding machine and the third generation sanding machine are used to process the river pebbles. The hammer of the sanding machine is severely worn, the vulnerable parts are frequently replaced, the maintenance cost is relatively high, and the grain size of the sand is not very big. The VSI new sand making machine is manufactured by the principle of "stone striking" + "stone striking iron", combining various feed grinding modes. For hard pebble, granite, basalt, diabase, quartzite, corundum and other high hardness stone processing effect is very ideal. The better design of the impact angle of the materials in the crushing chamber has less friction with the wear-resistant parts, which is 30% lower than the operation cost of the traditional equipment, and directly reduces the use cost of the equipment. The product is cubic, with good grain shape, reasonable matching and adjustable fineness modulus. It is suitable for artificial sand making and stone shaping. The practice proves that the effect of sand making and shaping is 30% higher than that of other traditional equipment. The pebble sand processed by the sand making machine is very similar to the natural river sand, which is better than the natural river sand, and more in line with the requirements of higher construction engineering. The sand making machine also has hydraulic pump station, thin oil lubrication, environmental protection and energy saving devices, which can ensure the small-scale operation of equipment 24. VSI new type sand beater has little influence on the moisture content of materials, and the moisture content is up to about 8%, which can effectively improve the quality of sand and stone. Superior performance, easy operation and reliable quality, low energy consumption and low operation and management cost in the same kind of crusher equipment. Adopting relatively new manufacturing technology and unique structural design, the processed products are cube like, without tension and crack, and the particle shape is quite good. They are widely used in various industries such as ore crushing, railway, highway, energy, cement, chemical industry, construction, etc.

The VSI new type sanding machine developed by Liming is the core equipment of a complete set of core equipment for pebble sand crushing, which has good sanding effect and is the new favorite for pebble processing in major stone plants and sanding plants at present. The equipment can be used for crushing and fine processing of various kinds of hard granite, basalt, gneiss, quartzite, pebble, limestone and dolomite. It is an ideal equipment for crushing and making sand and stone with high quality tunnel slag.


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