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What Will Happen If There Is Too Much Dust In The Return Air Duct Of Bentonite Mill

Last Update:2020-05-02 22:26:49

As a commonly used grinding equipment, bentonite mill can be seen in various grinding fields. As an important part of grinding equipment, return air duct is not common, but what impact will it have on our production when such a situation occurs? Now let's analyze and answer for you. First, the obvious impact is that the output of the production line decreases. When the finished materials enter the return air duct during the collection process, the materials collected by the powder collector will inevitably decrease, which will lead to the failure of the grinding materials to meet the expected requirements. Second, the decline in production means that the production efficiency of the equipment is reduced and the production cost is increased. Therefore, the power consumption, the cost of materials and the wear and tear of the equipment will be increased, which will greatly reduce the profit of the manufacturer and seriously damage the profit. Third, the pollution to the environment is also serious, because the return air duct and the fan are connected, so when the dust in the return air duct increases, the fan will also increase, plus the influence of the fan structure, it will cause a lot of dust at the fan, which will seriously affect the surrounding environment. Fourth, when the environment is affected, the health of operators and surrounding residents will also be affected. In short, the impact of field operators is relatively large. In a word, the increase of dust in the return air duct is an abnormal production phenomenon. When such problems occur in the grinding production line, it is necessary to pay attention to stop the machine for inspection immediately and resume production after the hidden dangers are eliminated. Therefore, when installing the equipment, it must be carried out according to the manufacturer's regulations and installation drawings. Some seemingly insignificant equipment structures are actually the results of various tests conducted by the designer.


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