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What To Do When The Roller Of Bauxite Mill Is Worn

Last Update:2020-05-03 05:24:37

As an important part of bauxite mill, the grinding roller is grinded according to the continuous rotation of the grinding ring of the grinding roller. Now with the rapid development of the grinding industry, the use rate of bauxite mill is increasing. When the mill is used for a long time, the grinding roller will wear. Because of the characteristics of bauxite mill, the wear of the grinding roller is inevitable, so how should we solve when the wear of the grinding roller is severe? Now follow the professional bauxite mill manufacturers to understand it. Although the wear of the grinding roller is inevitable, it can effectively reduce the wear of the accessories in daily operation, such as regular maintenance, timely cleaning the dirt around the grinding roller and adding lubricating oil. If it is severely worn, it needs to be replaced. When replacing, make sure that the model of the grinding roller is the same. If it is not easy to disassemble, a small amount of lubricating oil can be added, which will be easier to disassemble. During the installation, the surrounding cleaning work shall be done well. When the installation is completed, the lubricating oil shall be added and the sealing work shall be done well, so that the replacement of the grinding roller can be completed smoothly, and then the machine can be tested. After there is no problem, the normal production work can be carried out. For more details, please pay attention to our official account of WeChat.


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