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What To Do When The Grinding Capacity Of The Kaolin Mill Declines

Last Update:2020-05-08 12:21:34

We all know that the equipment of kaolin mill has high grinding capacity, which is also an important reference for users in selecting the equipment. However, in the actual production, with the grinding time of the kaolin mill extending, sometimes the grinding capacity will decline, which will bring great economic losses to users. So, what are the reasons for the decline of the grinding capacity of the kaolin mill? How can we deal with this situation? 1. When the equipment is aging, it will lead to the decline of the grinding capacity of the kaolin mill. With the extension of equipment use time, there will be different degrees of aging, especially for the production environment of kaolin mill, the aging speed will be faster. Therefore, when choosing the grinding equipment, we should not only fit the model, but also pay attention to the material and process characteristics of the equipment. 2. Improper operation will also affect the grinding ability to a certain extent. For example, when the operator feeds the quartz grinder at a uniform speed, the working efficiency and grinding quality of the equipment will be relatively improved. On the other hand, if the feed is too much or too little, too fast or too slow, it will not only easily cause equipment blockage, delay normal grinding production, but also affect the grinding quality and increase the energy consumption of the equipment. 3. The characteristics of grinding materials are also one of the main factors affecting the decline of grinding capacity of kaolin mill. When the humidity and particle size of grinding materials are large, it will not only increase the grinding difficulty of the equipment, but also cause the phenomenon of material sticking to the wall due to the excessive humidity, which will lead to the blockage of the air duct. If the particle size is too large, it is easy to form material stuck at the feed inlet, thus affecting the stone The grinding capacity of the English sanding machine. For the improvement of the grinding capacity of quartz sand grinder, we not only need to meet the production demand of materials, but also pay attention to the correct operation methods and equipment maintenance work to ensure the stability of the equipment voltage in production, so as to improve the grinding quality and efficiency of quartz sand grinder.


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