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What To Do When The Air Duct Of Bauxite Mill Is Blocked

Last Update:2020-05-01 09:36:16

Bauxite mill is a kind of common pulverizing equipment in bauxite processing and production. In the process of bauxite grinding, sometimes the air duct is blocked. In case of blockage, the obvious feature is the reduction of production. Therefore, the air duct of bauxite mill can not be ignored. Let's take a look at the causes of air duct blockage of bauxite mill and the corresponding solutions. 1. If the humidity or viscosity of the grinding material is too large, the fluidity of the material is poor, and it is easy to cause the material to adhere to the air duct. The circulating air flow of the blower is the main power for the material to move forward in the air duct. If the humidity of the material is large, the material with adhesiveness will easily adhere to the wall of the air duct, thus causing the air duct to be blocked. Therefore, when we carry out grinding production, we must first ensure the humidity and viscosity of the grinding materials to prevent the air passage of the bauxite mill from being blocked by the materials with high moisture content. 2. The blower works abnormally. When the pulverizer is working, the blower mainly provides power for the ground materials, so that they can smoothly pass through the air duct and enter the analyzer for sorting. If the blower is abnormal, the movement amount of the ground material will be reduced under the condition of weakened wind, which will cause the material to stay in the air duct and lead to air duct blockage. Therefore, in the production of bauxite grinding, it is necessary to pay attention to the working condition of the blower at all times. In case of any abnormality, it is necessary to repair it in time to ensure that the blower is always in good condition, so as to ensure that the grinding production can be carried out smoothly.


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