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What To Do If The Filter Bag Of Bauxite Mill Is Worn

Last Update:2020-05-11 23:32:13

The emergence of bauxite mill has made great progress in the grinding industry. The particle size of the finished products produced by the equipment is very fine, so some fine industries can get quality improvement. In the process of its work, many small parts play a great role. For example, the filter bag plays a great role in the operation of bauxite mill. This equipment is a device used to filter dust and control air flow, which is installed in the dust remover of the mill. How to solve the problem when the filter bag of the bauxite mill is worn? Generally, the cylindrical filter bag is suspended vertically in the dust remover. For the fabric and design of the filter bag, we should try our best to pursue efficient filtration, facilitate dust stripping, and consider the durable effect. For the pulse dust collector, the dust will generally adhere to the surface of the filter bag. When the bauxite mill is working, when the dust containing gas passes through the dust remover, the dust will be filtered on the outside surface by the filter bag, and the clean gas will enter the inside of the filter bag. With the continuous increase of working time of bauxite mill, the filter bag will inevitably wear during the operation process, which will bring trouble to dust removal, thus causing environmental pollution. Environmental protection is a problem we must pay attention to. After the material is ground into powder, the flow and friction of dust will increase, which will directly lead to the abrasion of dust removal filter bag and reduce its service life. Dust will not only affect the environment, but also harm the health of operators. Therefore, we must take certain preventive measures. For abrasive dust, bauxite mill can choose filter material with good abrasion resistance. In the process of grinding production, when the filter bag of bauxite grinding machine is damaged, we should repair or replace it immediately to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.


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