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What Technology Does The Construction Waste Sorter Mainly Rely On When It Works

Last Update:2020-05-14 10:07:07

Construction waste is inevitable in the process of urban construction, which includes concrete brick, metal, wood, steel bar, glass, plastic and other components. These construction waste is not the real meaning of the waste, such as brick, slag, waste rock and so on, which can become aggregate after crushing and processing, so it can be reused. Therefore, the construction waste sorter has become an important equipment for the classification and treatment of construction waste. Its emergence has improved the utilization of resources. What technologies does the construction waste sorter rely on when it works? 1. Sorting device: before feeding, it is necessary to use the sorting device to extract the waste steel bars, iron wires, etc. from the construction waste, because these will seriously affect the use performance of recycled aggregate. The construction waste separator is equipped with screening device, feeding device and conveying system, which are respectively responsible for screening, feeding and conveying of finished materials. 2. Vibration reduction and noise reduction: the key parts of the construction waste sorter are also equipped with advanced integrated drying device, which can make use of the distance and space between the equipment, and integrate the key technologies of the piezoelectric active isolation system, so as to reduce the noise when the equipment is working and avoid the noise disturbance around. 3. Automatic workflow: the construction waste sorter is also equipped with PLC control system, which integrates digital control technology, and the equipment is started with one key. In case of abnormal operation, it can give an alarm at the first time and inform the operator. The PLC system can also timely master the pressure, lubrication and oil temperature of the machine body, and help the operator better master the working status of the equipment.


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