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What Should We Know About The Superfine Grinding Machine

Last Update:2020-05-11 19:48:33

Superfine grinding machine has attracted a large number of people since it entered the Chinese market. It has gradually become the main equipment of the grinding industry, and its performance in the actual production and application has not let people down. Moreover, its performance is far from comparable to that of ordinary grinding machine. Today we will see how excellent the superfine grinding machine is. Compared with developed countries, China's grinding industry started a little later, and the level of science and technology in the past was relatively backward, so the production and development of machinery and equipment in the application did not have a good experience, and the application of resources, the sustainable development of the industry is inseparable from the help of these advanced machinery and equipment, so we must have more equipment to meet the current market demand Therefore, the superfine grinding machine has been introduced into the grinding industry. First of all, the superfine grinding machine is a product of the integration of foreign advanced technology and research ideas, so it needs to improve a lot in technology. It is developed by professional personnel and uses excellent materials, so its performance in practical application is also very satisfactory, because the materials used are good and highly wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, so under the same operating intensity, the superfine grinding machine To a certain extent, the service life of the superfine grinding machine is longer, and the cost and time of many maintenance and replacement parts are reduced, which greatly reduces the production cost. Moreover, the transmission technology of the superfine grinding machine has been improved. In the past, the normal operation of the grinding machine needed to match the reducer in order to ensure the stable production. But now the bevel gear is used as a whole transmission, which can achieve the same effect without the function of the reducer, and is better. Such structure is more compact, installation and adjustment are very convenient, and energy is reduced Loss, the working efficiency of the grinder is higher. After that is the change of air duct. The ultra-fine pulverizer uses arc air duct, while the traditional pulverizer uses self type air duct. The advantage of arc air duct is to reduce the loss of air volume so as to improve the efficiency of work, and the fluidity of materials in the air duct is better. Therefore, the advantages of ultra-fine pulverizer are many, we need to understand it slowly.


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