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What Should Be Paid Special Attention To When The Novice Operates The High Finely Grinding Machine

Last Update:2020-05-06 01:45:24

The high performance of the high-precision grinding machine is obvious to all. Compared with the ordinary grinding machine, the grinding speed is faster and the particle size is smaller. The materials processed by the high-precision grinding machine have a wider range of use. Although it is now the era of automation, the grinding equipment can execute its own procedures, but it also needs manual operation, so it is also capable of requirements for operators. Here's what , let's talk about what we should pay attention to when the novice operates the high fineness grinder. First of all, the safety of equipment is in the first place in production. In any case, we should ensure our own safety, and then consider the output and income. Therefore, the new operators should first carry out systematic training of operation knowledge, and enter the post after passing the training, so that not only the operators have a certain understanding of the equipment, but also to some extent reduce the risk of production process caused by misoperation, not only for high-precision grinding machine, but also for any equipment. Because novices are not so familiar with the equipment, they need to be careful in every step of operation. If they don't know how to ask for help in time, they can't pretend to understand. In addition, some good operating habits should also be developed, such as basic inspection of the equipment before startup, check whether the belt and fastener screws of the transmission device are loose, whether the lubricating oil of the lubricating device is lack, etc., and the miscellaneous items around the equipment should also be removed to avoid inconveniences to the grinding production. The formation of good habits can bring convenience to future production 。 In addition to some good habits in production, there are also some technical problems, which can make the production more smoothly after application. For example, before production, put the materials to be ground into the grinding device, and adjust the gap between the grinding roller and the grinding plate, so that the materials can be fully ground at the beginning of work. It should be noted here that the materials can not be put in intermittently, and the feeding should be stopped first when the machine is shut down, and then the equipment should be shut down when the materials are discharged, so as to effectively reduce the damage to the high fine grinding machine.


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