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What Should Be Paid Attention To When Selecting Dust Remover For Superfine Grinding Machine

Last Update:2020-05-03 05:03:49

For a complete grinding production line, as the core part of the production line, the ultra-fine grinding machine is also an indispensable part. If the ultra-fine grinding machine wants to better complete the grinding operation, it needs to cooperate with other auxiliary equipment, and the dust removal device is one of the indispensable equipment. For the selection of dust remover, we need to pay attention to a few points. The following is a small part to analyze for you what should be paid attention to when selecting the dust remover of the ultra-fine pulverizer? 1. Density of dust. Dust density has a great influence on the dedusting performance of the dust remover, so when selecting the dust remover, the first thing to pay attention to is the accumulation density of the dust remover. In order to play the role of dedusting, it is necessary to take corresponding measures in the operation and structure of the deduster. 2. Dust dispersion. Because of the difference of the working environment, the performance of the dust remover will be affected. Therefore, when we choose the type of the duster of the superfine grinding machine, we need to know the dispersion of the dust. For the dust whose particle size is more than 10 μ m, the cyclone can be selected. The smaller one can choose bag filter and so on. 3. Dust adhesion. In the production of superfine grinding machine, if the material with higher moisture content may make the dust stick together, generally speaking, the smaller the particle size is, the larger the area is, the more moisture content is, the higher the adhesion is. Therefore, in the grinding production line of the ultra-fine pulverizer, the cyclone dust remover and the bag dust remover can be generally selected. Generally speaking, there are many factors that affect the selection of dust removal of ultrafine pulverizer. We should make the right choice according to the actual situation, such as the working environment of the user, and the performance characteristics of the dust remover.


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