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What Should Be Paid Attention To In The Sealing Of High Fine Grinding Machine

Last Update:2020-05-08 03:18:46

High fineness grinding machine is a kind of mechanical equipment commonly used in ore grinding. High fineness grinding machine can be used in the grinding of bentonite, kaolin, bauxite and other ores, commonly used in industry, metallurgy and chemical industry. With the continuous development of grinding machine, it has become an indispensable mechanical equipment. Below by the professional manufacturers here and you talk about the sealing problem of high-precision grinding machine. The grinding roller and ring are very important parts of the high fine grinding machine. During the grinding operation, the materials are all extruded by the grinding roller and the grinding ring in the grinding chamber to form powder particles. As a vulnerable part, the grinding roller of high-precision pulverizer is often damaged due to high temperature and impact. If the equipment is poorly sealed, dust or other impurities will enter the high-precision pulverizer, thus damaging the machine parts. So how to improve the sealing problem of high fineness mill? The bearing gland of the grinding roller of the high fine grinding machine is generally composed of the upper, middle and lower seals. The upper oil seal is used to seal the oil, the lower oil seal is used to prevent the ash. The middle oil seal is felt seal. The felt is first soaked with the oil, so as to ensure that the grinding roller does not leak the butter in the oil seal, and the wool felt still plays a lubricating role, but does not burn out. The old canvas belt or rubber belt of the elevator is used to reform a round sleeve on the grinding roller body of the high-precision pulverizer and under the bearing gland to prevent the ash from entering the bearing gland of the high-precision pulverizer. Generally speaking, users should always pay attention to the grinding roller and ring of high fineness mill. Once the problem of damage or abnormal operation occurs, it can be solved in time. For more details, please pay attention to our official account of WeChat.


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