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What Should Be Paid Attention To In The Operation Of Newer Crusher Equipment

Last Update:2020-05-05 22:52:40

With the increase of market demand, more and more new crushing equipment appear in the market and various industries. Compared with the traditional crusher, the new crusher has the advantages of modern advanced crushing technology, which brings users a new experience of crushing. Many users do not know what problems should be paid attention to in operation after purchasing a newer crusher. The following is the introduction of relevant contents.

(1) Maintenance and use of the newer crusher: before using the crusher, it is necessary to check whether all parts of the equipment are in normal state, and then operate the equipment normally after everything is normal, and input materials evenly. During the normal operation of the crusher, the operator needs to check the problem of the bearing regularly. Generally, the temperature of the bearing cannot exceed 30 ℃. Once it exceeds 30 ℃, stop the machine and check the reason until the problem is solved before starting the machine. Stop feeding before stopping, and turn off the motor only after the material in the crushing chamber of the newer crushing equipment is completely broken.

(2) Lubrication of newer crushing equipment: lubrication is of great importance to the normal production of the whole machine. Reasonable and correct lubrication can extend the service life of the equipment. When selecting equipment lubricating oil, it must be determined according to the use location and temperature conditions of the equipment. The commonly used lubricating oil is calcium base, sodium base or calcium sodium base grease. When adding lubricating oil, it must be ensured that the amount is appropriate, not too much or too little, which will have a great impact on the normal operation of the equipment. In addition, the operator should also ensure that the new lubricating oil should be replaced every three months to ensure the normal and stable operation of the newer crusher.

(3) Safety operation regulations of newer crushers: the operators of crushers need to receive professional and formal safety education; during normal operation of the equipment, they are not allowed to peep inside the equipment; even if the equipment fails or has problems during operation, they cannot carry out any adjustment, cleaning or maintenance work, which must be carried out after shutdown; The electrical equipment of the newer crusher must be grounded, and the wires shall be protected by insulating pipes to prevent electric shock.

As the operator of the newer crusher, only by mastering the above precautions can we achieve safe production, ensure the quality of finished products and production efficiency, and pay more attention to the safety of personnel. In addition, the operation precautions of the newer crushing equipment can also extend the service life of the equipment to a certain extent.


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