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What Should Be Paid Attention To In Safety Operation Regulations Of Jaw Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-02 01:45:15

Driven by the rapid economic development tide, all industries have entered an active development period. The mining machinery industry has entered a thriving development situation. Many manufacturers have joined the industry to seek better prospects. The development of the times puts forward higher requirements for us. For enterprises, choosing a suitable equipment will help to improve production efficiency, save operating costs and improve the efficiency of production and operation. Therefore, how to choose the right production equipment is the key, and the safety operation rules of jaw crusher are strict requirements for many users. Users need to have a certain understanding of jaw crusher accessories, jaw crusher teeth, etc.

The jaw crusher manufacturer pointed out that: the safety operation rules of jaw crusher are quite strict, first of all, the driver needs to be strictly trained with safety operation knowledge, and only after passing the examination can he work with certificate. The business that the driver should be familiar with includes understanding the performance and structure of different crusher models, understanding the basic fault causes and troubleshooting methods, such as the troubleshooting methods of jaw crusher accessories and jaw crusher teeth, understanding how to maintain and maintain in daily work, and being able to operate the machine independently. During the working period, the driver needs to wear relevant labor safety products. During the working period, no one can peep into the machine from the top of the crushing chamber.

The jaw crusher should strictly follow the principle of uniform feeding when feeding, otherwise the jaw crusher teeth will be severely worn or even blocked due to uneven feeding. During the operation of jaw crusher, pay attention to listen to whether there is abnormal sound or movement of jaw crusher accessories. If there is abnormal sound and swing of jaw crusher accessories, stop the machine immediately for inspection, and continue to work until the fault is eliminated. During the operation of the machine, the driver shall not leave the site or allow irrelevant personnel to approach the machine. The lubrication parts of jaw crusher accessories need to be refueled every day, and the quantity and quality of refuelling should be strictly in accordance with the product manual.

After working for a shift, jaw crusher equipment should strictly check the condition of jaw crusher accessories, especially the jaw crusher teeth, to see if they are loose, because jaw crusher is a machine with great vibration after all. The start and stop of jaw crusher should be done according to the regulations. Start the time-space crusher, and do not start the jaw crusher when there is still material, because the load of the motor is very large, it is easy to burn the motor. When the machine is shut down, the material should be discharged before the machine is shut down. The purpose is to start the machine empty next time.


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