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What Should Be Paid Attention To In Outdoor Production Of Bauxite Mill

Last Update:2020-05-03 10:46:52

In the grinding production line, most of the grinding equipment such as bauxite mill works outdoors, because of the restrictions of the production conditions and equipment working conditions of the enterprise, it has to be produced outdoors, but it also has a certain impact on the production of bauxite mill, not only on the service life of the equipment, grinding effect, etc, So what are the specific adverse effects? Let's introduce it in detail. First of all, if the space size of the equipment construction site is not enough, it will be difficult to maintain the bauxite grinder. Therefore, when purchasing the equipment, the user should select the factory with reliable quality, and timely replace and maintain the equipment accessories. Secondly, the bauxite grinder should be easy to move. Due to the change of working conditions, it will be greatly affected in power, so the equipment should be checked after each move. Then, for the living environment of the bauxite mill and the characteristics of the grinding materials, such as some wet and hard ores, we should produce according to our own grinding equipment, so when using the bauxite mill, we should first understand the surrounding environment and the ore performance. After that, for the bauxite mill equipment produced in the open air, it will be affected by the wind, sun and rain for a long time, which will cause the paint of the equipment to fall off easily, and then cause the rust of the equipment and the friction of some parts to be too serious. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out regular inspection and do a good job in the maintenance of the equipment.


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