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What Preparations Are Needed Before The Operation Of Boshan Crusher Machinery

Last Update:2020-05-05 19:06:13

There are many manufacturers of crusher, and the quality of crusher produced by each manufacturer is uneven, so to have an efficient crushing efficiency, we need to start from the purchase of crusher, of course, it is important to choose the brand of crusher. Among many crusher manufacturers, the crusher of Boshan crusher factory has great advantages. It is the ideal choice of many users. After purchasing the crusher, it is the correct operation of the crusher. Only the correct operation of the crusher can ensure the smooth operation of the crusher, which will not cause faults and problems or even accidents in the crushing production process. So what preparations need to be done to ensure the normal operation of the crusher before the operation of Boshan crusher?

First of all, before starting Boshan crusher, it is necessary to check whether the main parts are normal. Just like when choosing crusher, the quality of main parts directly affects the production efficiency of crusher. Check whether the parts of the crusher are damaged, and replace the new parts in time once serious wear is found. It is also necessary to pay attention to the lubrication between the bearings of Boshan crusher. It is necessary to add lubricant in time, increase the lubrication between the bearing bracket joints, and reduce the friction between the equipment, so as to ensure the operation of the crusher in the production process, and also reduce the wear and prolong the service life of the crusher.

Secondly, after checking the normal condition of the parts of the equipment, it is necessary to check whether the connection of the equipment is tight. As the saying goes, the loosening of a screw can affect the operation of the whole equipment, and even bring unnecessary financial losses and casualties. Therefore, before the start of Boshan crusher, the tightness of each connection shall be checked, and the looseness of one screw shall not be ignored. If the bolt is found loose, it shall be tightened in time. If the protective device is damaged or unsafe, find out the cause in time and repair it. In addition, the residual materials between the crusher equipment should also be removed in time to avoid affecting the normal production of the crusher.

Boshan crusher manufacturer said: after checking that the parts of the crusher are normal and the joints are fastened, it is necessary to check the transmission condition of the crusher equipment. If it is normal, Boshan crusher can be started. Of course, it is necessary to follow the normal operation specifications of the crusher. Do not start to add materials before the equipment is started for the sake of speed, which may cause abnormal operation of the equipment. In fact, the operation of crusher is not so complicated. After buying a good brand, the general pre-sales service is also very good. It can teach users how to standardize the operation and precautions.


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