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What Kind Of Sand Making Machine Is Used For The Stones Pulled Out Of The River Beach

Last Update:2020-05-07 05:14:59

The river sand resources are increasingly exhausted, and the artificial sand quickly occupies the market. Because of its large reserves and rich resources, pebbles are used to make sand all over the country. And a variety of ores can be used to produce sand, so pebble sand machine can be promoted. Due to the difference of raw materials and usage habits, there are great differences in the application of machine-made sand equipment in different places.

What kind of sand making machine is generally used to make the stones pulled out of the river beach? Generally, the hardness of pebbles is relatively large and the cost of sand making is relatively high, so a good sand making machine manufacturer must be selected for sand making. Because of this, we should be more careful, and have a production line of pebble sand with reasonable configuration, and a relatively large manufacturer for after-sales communication. Then there is the problem of sand washing after sand making. Some river sands contain a lot of muddy impurities, which will reduce the quality and price of sand. Liming provides a complete set of sand washing line.

In pebble sand production line, we try our best to choose Liming vertical axis impact sand machine. Because of the strong abrasiveness of the pebble, it will cause serious abrasion to the hammer sander and affect the efficiency of the production line. Liming's technicians have been optimizing the material and mechanism of the equipment, including the optimization of the sand making equipment itself, as well as the inspection and purchase of the equipment. The wear-resistant parts of vertical axis impact sander are made of cemented carbide, and the wear-resistant time is the longest among all Sanders.


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