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What Kind Of Crushing Equipment Is Better For Pebble Sand Making

Last Update:2020-05-02 18:54:38

At present, machine-made sand is the construction sand with more specific price. Most of the production machine-made sand is made of pebble. Pebbles are widely distributed in China, which can provide a continuous supply of raw materials for machine-made sand. However, the hardness of pebbles is very large and it is difficult to break them. Therefore, it is necessary to select the right type of crushing equipment. It is recommended to use impact crusher to break pebbles.

Impact crusher is a kind of crushing equipment, which is different from other crushers. It is mainly composed of machine box, rotor, hammer head, impact lining plate, sieve plate and other components. It has a strong crushing capacity. When the pebble is broken, the material can be broken and formed in one time without secondary crushing, and the broken pebble has uniform shape and full particles.

At present, there are many kinds of crushers on the market, and the market competition is also fierce. In order to attract the customers' attention and make the crushing convenient and quick, the new technology is used to combine the impact crusher and the mobile crusher. On the one hand, the mobility of the impact crusher is increased, on the other hand, the equipment also has the functions of feeding, conveying, screening, etc., which can easily realize the rotation The installation time and transportation cost of the equipment are reduced, the work is put into operation quickly, and the work efficiency is greatly improved.

For the traditional crusher, due to the immature technology, the consumption in the working process is relatively large, the power consumption is relatively high or the fuel consumption is high, which is also detrimental to customers. In order to improve the interests of customers, our company uses the mature foreign manufacturing technology and high-quality materials, and the production of this impact crusher not only has low energy consumption, but also has a complete model and can be full Meet the different needs of our customers.


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