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What Is The Size Of Limestone Mill Discharge

Last Update:2020-05-09 04:59:55

There is a range of mesh size of the limestone grinding machine. According to the specific process requirements, the fineness of the powder is different. We often use the ultra-fine lum vertical grinding machine to grind the limestone. The particle size of the limestone is 400 - 650 mesh. The grinding of the limestone powder is usually used in Portland cement, power plant or steel plant for desulfurization.

As the main component of limestone, calcium carbonate can be used as building materials, mainly as decorative stone pillars or handicrafts, and also as an important raw material for industrial use. The vertical grinder can process limestone, with other auxiliary equipment for crushing, separation and other steps, so as to give full play to its advantages as much as possible, making the application more extensive.

Limestone in the absorption tower is mixed with water to form slurry, and then mixed with flue gas. Sulfur dioxide in the slurry reacts with calcium carbonate in the slurry under the action of air to be desulfurized into gypsum. At present, this technology is relatively mature and widely used. Limestone desulfurization production line expands the use of limestone.

Limestone can be calcined and carbonized to produce light calcium carbonate. According to the average particle size, light calcium carbonate can be divided into five particle size grades: more than 5 μ m particles, micro powder 1-5 μ m, micro powder 0.11-1 μ m, ultra-fine powder 0.102-011 μ m, ultra-fine powder 0.102 μ m or less. At present, the industrial production of nanometer light calcium is widely used in coastal areas. The light calcium carbonate with cubic and spherical crystal is more suitable for plastic industry.

After summarizing the use of limestone, it will be found that after it is ground into lime powder, it can be roughly divided into industrial and chemical lime powder according to the different use. The fineness of limestone powder in these two categories is different. Generally speaking, the requirement of industrial separation particle size is not too high, and there are more than 70-80 purposes. In order to improve production efficiency and output, we Vertical grinder is often used to finish grinding.


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