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What Is The Relationship Between The European Plate Grinder And Europe

Last Update:2020-05-11 18:31:52

With the development of pulverizers, many different types are subdivided. Their names come from their uses, such as medium speed pulverizers, some from their appearance, such as vertical pulverizers, and some represent their processing capacity, such as ultra-fine pulverizers. So how did the name of the European version mill come from? What's the relationship between the European version mill and Europe? The reason why this type of grinding machine is actually vertical mill is called "European version mill". In fact, this type of machine is designed with reference to the advanced technology of European grinding machine.

So what advanced technologies of European mills have been absorbed by European mills? The overall transmission of gear has the advantages of small energy loss, large function improvement, internal thin oil lubrication system, advanced and reliable, arc-shaped air duct, small air loss, good material fluidity, good structure design of special grinding roller and grinding ring, surface replaceable blade blade, improving grinding efficiency and reducing use cost. All of the above points are obviously improved in the actual use of customers. In addition, the small design such as no resistance air inlet volute (no eddy current for small observation door) and the attention of environmental protection concept make the grinder more comprehensive and powerful.

Through the above introduction, I believe you know the strength of the European version of the mill, but this only refers to the machines of regular manufacturers. If it is a Shanzhai OEM enterprise, it only makes articles on the name. If the actual effect of the product is still the old version mode, it is easy to attract customers to buy at a low price of the mill. Therefore, I hope you can compare three products. If it is convenient, liming suggests that you can do it yourself Visit the factory, or test machine with materials, compare the three goods to feel the real strength of Liming factory.


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