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What Is The Reason For The Too Coarse Or Too Fine Discharge Fineness Of The Superfine Mill

Last Update:2020-05-11 18:11:55

Recently, a user inquired that the previous purchase of a superfine grinding machine, the use of the past two years are still very good, production efficiency is also relatively high. But recently, there is often a problem. Sometimes the powder produced is finer than its own use range, sometimes the powder produced is particularly coarse, and the fineness of the discharge is still very coarse after adjustment. What's the reason? In the grinding production of ultra-fine pulverizer, if it is found that the discharge particle size of the finished product is too fine or too coarse, it belongs to a kind of fault of ultra-fine pulverizer. At this time, it is necessary to replace the blades of the equipment in time and adjust the air volume appropriately, so as to solve the problem that the finished product particle is too coarse. If the detailed rules for the excessive particle size are opposite, the wind force at the inlet of ultra-fine pulverizer needs to be increased. In addition, when the ultra-fine grinding machine is running, the current of the main machine and the temperature of the machine may rise, and the current of the fan may fall, which is also one of the faults of the ultra-fine grinding machine. Once such a situation occurs, first cut off the power supply in time, and then check whether the power supply is stable and normal. Next, to reduce the amount of feed, first dredge the accumulated materials, increase the air intake, so as to effectively solve the problem of abnormal temperature of the ultra-fine pulverizer. As a large-scale powder processing equipment, in the process of use, users should not only do a good job in maintenance work, but also pay attention to the working state of the superfine grinding machine, and solve the problems in time if found, so as not to lead to greater failure.


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