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What Is The Reason For The Excessive Wear Of Bauxite Mill Accessories

Last Update:2020-05-13 14:43:30

As a special grinding equipment for processing bauxite, bauxite mill can be seen in the production line of bauxite mill. Bauxite mill is composed of many parts, among which there are some vulnerable parts, because these parts are in direct contact with the material, so the wear is relatively fast. For example, grinding roller, grinding ring, blade, etc., these are the wearing parts we are familiar with. In the production of bauxite mill, what factors will lead to the wear of accessories? Let's make a brief analysis. Bauxite grinding machine mainly relies on the joint cooperation of grinding roller, grinding ring and blade to complete the grinding operation. Because of direct contact with materials, the wear of these accessories is relatively severe. There are many reasons for wear, such as the working environment of accessories, the size of bearing capacity, working temperature, type of friction and wear, lubrication mode of lubricating oil, daily operation and maintenance and other factors will lead to wear of accessories. When the wear of accessories is too serious, it needs to be repaired or replaced, so as to ensure the normal operation of bauxite mill and give full play to its due working efficiency. There are traces to slow down the wear of bauxite mill accessories. Although the wear of bauxite mill accessories is inevitable, it can be delayed by some measures. For example, after the equipment is used for a period of time, the maintenance, especially the maintenance of vulnerable parts, if there is serious wear, it should be replaced in time. Before using the equipment, check the bolts and nuts to see if they are loose and if the lubricating oil is sufficient. Effective maintenance is one of the effective ways to reduce the wear rate of parts and prolong the service life.


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