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What Is The Impact Of Too Much Material On The Equipment Of Bauxite Mill

Last Update:2020-05-09 23:02:06

How about too much feeding of bauxite mill? In the production of bauxite mill, the requirements for feeding are relatively strict, including the nature and speed of feeding. Any unreasonable aspect will cause the change of production progress or production effect. Here is to analyze the problems that will cause harm to the equipment when the feeding is too much. Hazards 1. In the interior of bauxite mill, the grinding process of materials depends on the grinding roller, grinding ring and blade. These parts have the problem of wear in the normal working environment. If there is too much feed, the working strength of these parts will be increased, and then the wear phenomenon will be accelerated, affecting their service life; hazards 2. The entry of bauxite mill If there are too many materials, it is easy to cause the blockage of the feed inlet or the transmission pipeline. This kind of blockage will cause the production unable to proceed, which will naturally affect the production efficiency of the equipment. Third, no matter which type of bauxite grinder is, its processing capacity is limited. If there are too many materials, it will increase the working load of the equipment, When it reaches a certain degree, it will cause the equipment to be shut down, and even burn the motor and other accessories; this paper introduces the harm of too much feeding of bauxite mill, mainly in three aspects. The above-mentioned introduction is more detailed. In the actual production process, in order to reduce the impact of too much feeding on production, it needs to be in the actual production In order to ensure the smooth progress of production, it is necessary to strictly control the quantity of feed, of course, the small amount of feed will also have an impact on production.


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