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What Is The Function Of Power Distribution Cabinet Of Kaolin Mill

Last Update:2020-05-05 02:04:59

Kaolin grinding machine is a kind of grinding equipment specially used for processing kaolin. This equipment not only has high cost performance and stable output, but also its excellent performance has been recognized by the majority of users. Kaolin mill has a wide range of applications, and can be used in all major grinding fields. As one of the important parts of kaolin mill, what is the role of power distribution cabinet? Let's understand the function of the power distribution cabinet of the kaolin mill? As the main power source of the grinding operation of the kaolin mill, the electric power generally has a certain relationship between the voltage reduction and the excessive load in the grinding production. If the voltage is not stable, it will have certain impact on the motor, such as burning out the motor, or even fire in serious cases. Secondly, when the voltage is not stable, the air pressure in the grinding chamber will fluctuate. When the voltage is too low, the air pressure will become smaller, and the analyzer will not work normally, which will cause the powder to be blocked in the mill, resulting in the reduction of output. On the contrary, if the air pressure is too large, it will lead to the materials that are not ground in place are sent out in advance, which directly affects the quality and overall fineness of the mill, unable to meet the normal production demand, and rework will cause Loss of human and material resources. Therefore, before the production of kaolin mill, a power distribution cabinet and voltage regulator can effectively prevent the voltage instability, so as to ensure the normal operation of kaolin mill.


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