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What Is The Effect Of Bad Sealing Performance On Bauxite Mill

Last Update:2020-05-05 06:36:57

The bauxite grinding machine is a kind of grinding equipment specially used for processing bauxite and widely used in the field of application. The premise for the bauxite grinding machine to give full play to its excellent performance is to keep a good working state. If the working state of the grinding machine changes during production, its production efficiency will change In terms of efficiency, there are many factors that affect the performance of sealing. If the sealing performance is not good, it will affect the work of the equipment. What are the specific effects? Now follow the dawn of Zhengzhou to understand it. 1. If the sealing performance of bauxite mill is not good, the obvious feature is the dust overflow phenomenon, which is easy to cause environmental pollution, so that the equipment can not meet the requirements of environmental protection, and the dust will also have an impact on the health of the staff. Therefore, to ensure the sealing performance of the mill is one of the important work in production; 2 During production, if the sealing performance is not good, the dust will easily enter into the bearing, and then the lubricating oil will be polluted, not only can not play a good lubricating effect, but also may accelerate the wear of the bearing, resulting in the increase of the maintenance cost of the bearing, and increase the cost input of the grinding production. 3. In the use process, the change of sealing will also lead to the change of air pressure inside the bauxite mill. Once the wind force changes, it will not only affect the production efficiency of the mill, but also the size of the finished materials, and may also cause the powder suction, which will cause the change of the production efficiency of the mill. For more details, please pay attention to our official account of WeChat.


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