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What Is The Difference Between The Application Of Jaw Crusher And Gyratory Crusher In Sand Production Line

Last Update:2020-05-08 01:56:27

Generally speaking, in some large sand making equipment manufacturers, the key factor that affects the efficiency and technical level of the production line is the coarse crushing process. In large sand production line, the commonly used crushing equipment is mainly jaw crusher and gyratory crusher. There are some differences between the two devices, many users do not know the specific differences. The following is a detailed analysis of the application difference between the jaw crusher and the cycle crusher in the sand production line.

The development of gyratory crusher has a long history. The advantages of this kind of equipment are high output, large feeding particle size, uniform crushing materials, simple maintenance, etc., especially suitable for the crushing of large rocks and ores. At present, in the production line of iron ore, copper ore and other metal ores, the application of cyclocrusher is more extensive. Hubei crusher belongs to the traditional crusher with ideal utilization rate. Shanghai Hubei crusher is mainly used for crushing various industries such as mines, building materials, etc.

There are many characteristics of ezuo in the sand production line. First of all, its mining cost is high. Generally speaking, the feed size of jaw crusher is relatively small, so it is easy to lead to a large density of blasting holes and a large amount of explosives consumed. The energy consumption of this crusher process is also very high, especially the water and electricity cost is ideal. The high energy consumption of the jaw crusher is generally due to the use of non continuous extrusion crushing, with more equipment, but the overall production efficiency of this equipment is still relatively high.

The characteristics of the gyratory crusher in the sand production line are as follows: the crushing ratio of the gyratory crusher is larger than that of the jaw crusher, and its discharge particle size is smaller, while the feed particle size is larger. Generally speaking, the production capacity of the gyratory crusher is larger than that of the jaw crusher, and the principle of laminated crushing between materials is adopted. However, the configuration of vulnerable parts must be reasonable, otherwise the vulnerable parts will be damaged easily due to long-term operation, which will affect the normal production.

According to the introduction above, we know the difference between the application of e crusher and cycle crusher in sand production line, and we believe that you have more understanding of these two kinds of equipment. Before production, all users need to know how much their real demand is, and combine the specific properties of crushed materials to choose a reasonable jaw crusher, so as to ensure the ideal and efficient use of materials.


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