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What Is The Cause Of The Abnormal Temperature In The Sand Production Line Of The Fine Jaw Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-04 14:30:12

Generally speaking, the working temperature of the E-type sand making machine is about 5-10 degrees higher than the normal ambient temperature, which is due to some energy generated by the operation of the equipment itself in the production process. However, in the process of specific use, many users have responded that they have encountered a variety of equipment heating situations. In addition to the operator's own operation failure, it may be the equipment itself is abnormal. Let's look at the following factors that cause the abnormal heating of the fine jaw breaking sand production line:

First of all, the abnormal temperature of the production line is caused by the abnormal temperature of the moving jaw. Many people know that the working principle of jaw crusher is to crush materials by repeatedly moving up and down the jaw plate, which is very close to the fixed jaw plate. Once the material is extruded, the finished product will be discharged from the discharge port, and the moving jaw temperature of the jaw sand machine will be abnormal. At this time, it is necessary to take effective measures to adjust the temperature of the moving jaw in time to reduce the failure rate.

Secondly, the abnormal temperature of the equipment in the sand production line may be caused by the high temperature of the friction parts. In the continuous operation of the equipment, too much heat will be generated due to friction, so it is easy to cause the temperature of friction parts to rise continuously. What needs to be done for this situation is to add lubricating oil in time, so that the heat generated by the friction surface can be continuously absorbed and emitted, and finally the temperature of the friction surface of the sand production line of fine jaw breaking can be reduced.

The abnormal temperature of the jaw crusher may also be caused by the high temperature of the bearing. When the jaw crusher is running, all operators should pay attention to the temperature change of the equipment in time, especially the temperature change of the bearing, to ensure that it is in a good lubrication state at all times, and there is no abnormal noise. Once any abnormal phenomenon is found, it is necessary to shut down the machine for comprehensive inspection and remove the fault in time to ensure the normal operation of the sand production line.

The emery production line of Hubei Province is widely used in modern production. For all operators, in the process of production, they may encounter abnormal heat or other various faults of the equipment, which must be paid attention to. Usually, they should know more about the general knowledge of the E-type sand making machine, operate the equipment correctly, and do a good job in the maintenance of the equipment, so as to ensure the sound operation of the equipment.


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