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What Is The Cause Of Gear Transmission Failure Of Superfine Grinding Machine

Last Update:2020-05-07 02:41:06

After continuous improvement, the features and advantages of the superfine grinding machine have been favored by the majority of users, not only with high efficiency and low energy consumption, but also vertical structure has great advantages in floor area. It can be widely used in various grinding fields. As an important part of the gear transmission of the ultra-fine grinding machine, its working efficiency has an important influence on the normal operation of the ultra-fine grinding machine. In the grinding production, the gear transmission failure is also an easy failure, so what factors will lead to the failure of the gear transmission of the ultra-fine grinding machine? 1. Because the working environment of the superfine grinding machine is mostly bad, so the gear transmission is relatively easy to be polluted in the grinding production. If the lubricating oil is not added in time or the contaminated lubricating oil is not cleaned and replaced in time, the gear transmission will fail, so it is very important to add lubricating oil in the work. 2. In the grinding production of ultra-fine grinding machine, when the gear transmission device is running for a period of time, if there is a phenomenon of non conformity, which is not found in time, the phenomenon of uneven stress will occur, which will easily lead to the deformation of the gear shaft, resulting in the failure of the gear transmission. It can be seen that regular maintenance of superfine grinding machine can not only find and solve problems as early as possible, but also greatly reduce the production delay caused by equipment failure and improve the production efficiency and service life of the equipment.


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