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What Influence Will The Environment Have On The Production Of Bauxite Mill

Last Update:2020-05-04 19:56:40

We all know that when the bauxite mill is working, it will be affected by the environment. The worse the environment, the greater the impact, and the more likely it is to fail when it is working. In rainy days, the failure frequency of the mill is relatively higher. Next, take rainy days as an example to illustrate the problems that will occur in the production of the shredder, and what will happen to the equipment Some influence. In rainy days, the bauxite mill operates with relatively large impact force and will vibrate, and in rainy days, the ground is also relatively loose, so it will lead to base movement and deviation. For this kind of fault, it can only reduce its operation time in rainy days, so as to reduce the occurrence of this kind of fault. When the bauxite pulverizer is working in rainy days, it is easy to have water inflow inside, which will lead to slipping. Especially the belt driving the motor is more likely to slip. Therefore, the operator should always pay attention to that when the deviation of the belt conveyor is more serious, appropriate adjustment should be made in time. If it is necessary to work in rainy days, pay attention to the materials added to the inside of the bauxite mill at all times, because it is easy to carry soil in rainy days, so that the friction between the material retaining rubber close to the belt and the belt will increase, causing wear and reducing its service life; in rainy days, try to reduce the work of the bauxite mill and prevent its service life from falling Degradation. For more details, please pay attention to our official account of WeChat.


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