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What Influence Will Continuous Rainfall Bring To Kaolin Mill

Last Update:2020-05-09 18:45:53

Recently, all parts of the country are in the barbecue mode, but yesterday the seventh typhoon "Vespa" has been generated, which shows that the strong storm rain is coming. For the kaolin grinder, facing such weather, users may be very worried about whether their grinding equipment will be affected. In order to answer users' concerns, I will analyze whether the continuous rainfall will be Influence on kaolin mill. 1、 Will rain weather affect the kaolin mill? The rain has no effect on the kaolin mill itself. It's all steel and iron. It's not afraid of wind and rain. As long as we take rainproof measures for the mill, we don't need to worry at all. 2、 Do users have to worry about rain at all? This is not entirely because if the rainwater gets wet, it will affect the quality and output of the mill. Because the kaolin mill has requirements for the humidity of materials. If the humidity is too high, these two consequences will generally be caused to the equipment. First, when the mill is working, the materials, the grinding roller and the grinding ring stick together, resulting in the upgrading of the grinding difficulty. Compared with the dry materials, not only the quality is inferior to the dry materials, but also the output will be reduced. Second, the material stuck in the pipeline of the kaolin mill, causing blockage, resulting in the material unable to pass, the output will also be affected, and even serious shutdown phenomenon will occur. 3、 What can we do to solve this problem? Generally speaking, when the manufacturer is working in production, it is forbidden for the over wet materials to enter the equipment. In order not to affect customers, so developed a called dryer equipment. When the material humidity is too high, the customer can also not worry. The material is dried before entering the kaolin mill, so that the dehydrated material can not only improve the grinding output, but also enhance the quality of the finished product compared with other materials.


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