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What Factors Will Cause The Failure Of Bentonite Mill

Last Update:2020-05-07 23:18:08

In the daily production, bentonite mill has the advantages of high efficiency, uniform particle size, and significant processing effect on materials. However, when the pulverizer is working, it will inevitably fail, and there are many reasons for the failure. Let's briefly introduce what factors will lead to the failure of bentonite pulverizer? 1. Because the working environment of bentonite pulverizer is very bad, it will be affected by climate and corrosive substances. In the production process, the pulverizer is prone to over temperature; impurities and corrosive gases will cause wear and corrosion of equipment. Therefore, the failure rate is relatively high. If the maintenance is not carried out regularly, the maintenance cost of the grinder will be increased. Therefore, the maintenance at ordinary times cannot be ignored. 2. In the normal operation of bentonite mill, the wear degree of accessories will also affect the normal operation of the mill. If the wear of accessories is not found in time, it will not only reduce the production efficiency for a long time, but also may cause damage to the pulverizer, which will lead to the failure of normal operation of the equipment. 3. In order to ensure the normal operation of the bentonite mill, we need to effectively control the failure rate of the mill, which requires the user to establish and strictly implement maintenance and repair measures, and regularly maintain and repair the equipment, so as to ensure that the equipment can reduce the occurrence of abnormal phenomena in operation.


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