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What Factors Will Cause Leakage Of Bauxite Mill

Last Update:2020-05-11 14:34:16

Bauxite pulverizer is a widely used industrial pulverizing equipment. If the equipment is in a negative pressure state all the time during operation, the phenomenon of powder leakage will occur. The leakage of bauxite mill is very serious, because it will not only waste raw materials, affect production, but also pollute the environment, so what factors will lead to the leakage of bauxite mill? Next, Zhengzhou dawn will analyze and answer for you. 1. Generally speaking, if the feeding port, discharging port and maintenance door of the bauxite mill are not sealed tightly, and if there is a certain gap between the connecting ports of each pipe bearing, it is easy to see that there is air in the mill during the operation of the equipment, thus the phenomenon of powder leakage occurs. 2. In addition, the bauxite mill will generate a lot of heat in the process of operation, so that the air flow temperature of the whole loop will become higher, which will cause the volume expansion of the system under the joint action of its own water and heat due to the entry of materials, thus increasing the overall air pressure in the system, and greatly reducing the output and quality of finished materials. If the interfaces of the equipment are not sealed tightly at this time, the processed powder will be leaked, which will not only waste the raw materials, but also affect the environment or air in the workshop. The fundamental way to avoid the phenomenon of powder leakage is to reduce the wind pressure on the equipment during operation. Therefore, an exhaust fan can be connected in series on the residual air pipe of the equipment to reduce the wind pressure. At the same time, the structure of the equipment should be improved so as to reduce the failure of the bauxite mill, so as to improve the production efficiency and product quality of the mill. For more details, please pay attention to our official account of WeChat.


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