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What Factors Will Affect The Output Of Kaolin Mill

Last Update:2020-05-05 17:08:08

The kaolin mill has higher working efficiency, larger output and more fine quality in the processing of various stone materials. However, in the actual production, there are many factors affecting the output of kaolin mill, any negligence may lead to the decline of work efficiency and output. So, what are the factors that affect the output of kaolin mill? 1. Whether the voltage is stable. In the grinding process of kaolin mill, the current is equivalent to the input power of the equipment. If the voltage is not stable, it will directly affect the rotation speed of the kaolin mill, and then reduce the grinding efficiency of the kaolin mill, and affect the output. Therefore, in the production of stone grinding, we must pay attention to the stability of the voltage, and increase the current within the allowable range, which can accelerate the speed of the kaolin mill, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing the output of the kaolin mill. 2. Gear speed. Gear rotation speed is one of the key factors that affect the capacity effect of kaolin mill. Generally, the faster the gear rotation speed is, the faster the grinding speed of kaolin mill to materials is, and the total output will increase accordingly. Therefore, it can effectively improve the rotating speed of the equipment and increase the output of the kaolin mill by installing the appropriate reduction gear. 3. Material humidity. When we are grinding stone, each type of grinding equipment has corresponding requirements for the water content of stone. Because, if the moisture content of the material is large, in the process of grinding and pulverizing, it is easy to form wall sticking and blocking, resulting in less powder output and low output. If the material is too dry, it will increase the grinding difficulty of the kaolin mill and cause great damage to the components, thus reducing the working efficiency of the kaolin mill and affecting the output. Therefore, to grasp the appropriate moisture content is an important factor to ensure the output of kaolin mill. Of course, in the production of kaolin mill, the operation level of the staff and the configuration of the production line equipment are also one of the factors affecting the output of kaolin mill. This requires us to do a strict check from the purchase and operation of equipment to the later maintenance work, so as to improve the overall output of kaolin mill.


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