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What Factors Affect The Normal Operation Of Limestone Crushing Machine Production Line Process

Last Update:2020-05-08 12:39:17

As a common crushing equipment in production, limestone crushing equipment is widely used in production. This kind of crushing equipment has many advantages, such as high efficiency, low energy consumption, convenient maintenance and so on. In the actual production process, due to the negligence of the operator or the failure of the equipment itself, the process of limestone crushing line has failed. Let's take a look at these common failures.

The production capacity of the crusher is determined by many factors, including external factors and internal factors, while the limestone crusher itself is a part of internal factors. Generally speaking, internal factors mainly refer to the influence of meshing angle and revolution on the equipment, while external factors mainly refer to the overall influence of material properties on the equipment. The angle between moving jaw and fixed jaw is very large during production, which can reach 32 degrees. Once the angle is too large, it is easy to lead to ore overflow, resulting in damage to limestone crushing equipment and operators.

In the actual life of limestone crusher, the discharge opening is generally adjusted by the size of discharge particle size. Therefore, in the process of production, the product size is generally the same premise, and the ore discharge outlet should be expanded as much as possible, but not too large, to ensure normal production demand. In fact, the size of the ore mouth of the limestone crushing equipment can be realized by adjusting the block, but pay attention to whether the production is affected during the adjustment.

In a certain production range, if the rotation number of eccentric shaft of limestone crusher is increased, the production efficiency of the equipment can be improved to a certain extent, but it will also increase the overall energy consumption of the equipment. If the rotating speed of the crushing equipment is too large, the ore in the crushing chamber may not be able to be crushed in the production process, which will easily lead to equipment blockage, not only can not improve the production efficiency, but also increase the electric energy consumption of the limestone crushing equipment.

Compared with other traditional processes, limestone crushing machine line has great advantages, but many factors will affect the normal operation of the production line. In view of these common interference factors, the above detailed analysis is carried out. It is hoped that all operators will operate the limestone crusher strictly in accordance with the production requirements during the production process and regularly maintain the equipment, so as to ensure the orderly production line.


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