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What Effect Will The Blade Wear Of Bentonite Grinder Bring And How To Replace It

Last Update:2020-05-12 07:18:07

As an important member of the industrial grinding industry, the performance of the bentonite grinder determines the production efficiency and output of the bentonite grinder, and the quality of the accessories determines the performance of the bentonite grinder. For example, an indispensable accessory of the bentonite grinder in daily work: the blade, the blade plays a very important role in the bentonite grinder If the wear is serious, the equipment will not work normally. Next, I will explain the impact of blade wear of bentonite grinder. In the grinding process, the task of the blade is to scoop up the materials and then send them to the grinding roller and the grinding ring. If the blade is seriously worn, the materials cannot be scooped up normally, which will greatly affect the output of the bentonite mill. Before working, it is necessary to check whether the bolts of the blade are tight, because the bentonite grinder will vibrate in the grinding process. If it is produced for a long time, the bolts of the blade will be loose. If there is no main blade falling, it will bring serious consequences to the equipment. When replacing the blade, pay attention to that the blade is located in a special position and cannot be installed directly. In addition, it needs to have some angles to complete the installation. If the angle is not well controlled, some questions will appear. Generally, the distance from a flat finger at the bottom of the air duct is almost the same. This is how important the maintenance is, so before work, you need to check the equipment, tighten some bolts, and then you can carry out daily work. For more details, please pay attention to our official account of WeChat.


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