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What Do You Know About The Blade Of Kaolin Mill

Last Update:2020-05-01 21:37:38

The grinding ring, grinding roller and blade in the kaolin mill are all important accessories in the equipment. Generally, they are made of relatively solid manganese steel, so they are relatively wear-resistant. For kaolin mill, after a long time of use, equipment and accessories will appear some aging phenomenon. Of course, the blade is no exception, so how much do you know about the blade of kaolin mill? Here is a brief introduction from dawn of Zhengzhou. 1、 The normal production of kaolin mill is inseparable from the blade. If there is no blade, the grinding of materials cannot be completed. There are some differences between the model of the blade and the equipment of the pulverizer. The small model of the kaolin pulverizer has a smaller blade disc, so the model of the blade is smaller, and vice versa. 2、 The blade disc, blade and blade plate of the kaolin mill play an important role, which directly affects the production of the equipment. If the wear of the equipment itself is serious, then the kaolin mill can not operate normally. It can be seen that the blade is not only the core part of the kaolin mill, but also one of the indispensable parts. 3、 In the production process of kaolin mill, in order to make the blade work continuously, regular maintenance work can not be ignored, but also the correct use. In use, if the operation is improper, it is easy to cause the equipment can not work properly. At the same time, the blade wear should be checked regularly, because the hardness of each material is different when the kaolin grinder grinds the material, so the blade strength is also different when it works. The hard material is easy to cause the blade wear, so the regular inspection and maintenance is an effective way to improve the production efficiency of the equipment.


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