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What Are The Steps Of Crusher Installation Scheme Flow

Last Update:2020-05-12 06:44:18

Crusher is one of the most widely used equipment in the production, especially in mining, building materials, road construction, metallurgy and other industries. In fact, the installation scheme of crusher is quite complex, which can be completed smoothly only with the guidance of professional guidance personnel. Otherwise, once the installation is not correct, it will not only affect the normal production, but also may lead to the occurrence of safety production accidents. So what are the specific steps of crusher installation?

The general components of crusher are transmission device, roller, base, lubrication, hydraulic system, etc. the installation steps of crusher are relatively complicated, which need the guidance of professionals. First of all, when installing, you should understand the basic crusher installation plan. The first step is to recheck the equipment foundation and place the base line. When placing, it is necessary to pay attention to the adjustment of the datum elevation and the datum center line, and at the same time, it is necessary to set up the center line marking plate.

Secondly, in the installation scheme of crusher, we can see the arrangement of base plate of equipment. Generally speaking, the base plate of the crusher is usually installed by the method of base mortar pier, and at the same time, it will be mixed with some hard pad iron method. For the base installation of crusher, the independent base is usually placed on the base surface of mixed slurry by crane, and then a series of pouring is carried out to ensure that the horizontal error is within a certain range.

In addition, the crusher installation scheme also has strict requirements for the installation of the frame. During the installation, the base must be debugged first, including coarse and fine adjustment, and then the column is tightened after the position is aligned, and then the roller and rolling device are installed. In this process, it is necessary to strictly comply with the specific requirements of the installation size of the crusher, and it is not allowed to use substandard parts to prevent the operation failure of the equipment caused by deviation.

For the installation scheme of crusher, all installation personnel and users need to understand it carefully. In this process, we may encounter a variety of problems, which requires that in the process of installing the crusher, we should be careful, not careless, and operate strictly according to the special requirements of various parts, so as to ensure the correct and rapid installation, so that the crusher can be put into production as soon as possible, and bring greater benefits to the enterprise.


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