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What Are The Specific Requirements For The Separation Process Of Steel Slag Crushing Equipment

Last Update:2020-05-03 21:47:16

At present, China's steel slag treatment process still stays in the traditional way of hot splashing, which can no longer meet the market demand for steel slag. In order to meet the development of the market with the times, the steel slag crushing equipment adopts the advanced technology of steel slag treatment to form a complete treatment chain. Then what are the specific requirements of steel slag crushing and separation process? The following is the introduction of relevant content.

With the continuous improvement of steel-making output and regional restrictions, the previous steel slag crushing and separation process can not deal with the steel slag well. In order to meet the requirements of the development of the times and environmental protection, the process requirements for steel slag treatment form a complete treatment chain, more effectively recover the iron contained in the steel slag and fully realize the zero discharge of the steel slag. At present, there are few steel slag crushing equipment capable of meeting the above requirements in the market, so users must pay attention to this type of crusher when purchasing to prevent being cheated.

As we all know, steel slag contains a lot of iron. The purpose of refining steel slag is to extract iron. The traditional method of refining iron is not perfect, there are many defects, and the refining is not in place, resulting in a certain degree of waste. In addition, the cost of slag crusher is high, the noise is large, the wearing parts are seriously worn, the production efficiency and other shortcomings, the majority of users are very dissatisfied, and they have asked the manufacturers to develop a slag crusher in line with modern production. Only by keeping up with the progress of the times, can they win the favor of customers and the market.

In addition, during the use of steel slag crushing equipment, users also need to do a good job in related maintenance work, in order to improve the production efficiency of the crusher. In fact, the maintenance methods of different types of crushers are basically the same. Maybe the maintenance parts are different, but the important maintenance parts are the same. Generally speaking, it is necessary to regularly check the vulnerable parts and parts of the equipment to see if there is any abnormal condition, and solve it in time after finding it; check the lubrication condition of each part and the quality of lubricating oil, and replace it regularly. Reasonable maintenance can improve the effect of steel slag crushing and separation process.


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