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What Are The Requirements Of Kaolin Mill Equipment For Working Environment

Last Update:2020-05-08 14:55:49

Kaolin mill is a kind of equipment that needs long-term operation, because it has certain requirements for working environment. Only when the environment is good, the work efficiency will naturally increase, the output will naturally increase, of course, the maintenance and failure rate of the equipment will also be reduced. For example, in this hot summer, it is easy to cause the temperature of the equipment to rise, which has a certain impact on production. When the working environment is wet, it is easy to cause rust and corrosion of the equipment. So working environment is a problem we must pay attention to. So what are the specific requirements for the working environment of the kaolin mill? As an important grinding equipment, kaolin mill has strict requirements on the moisture content of grinding materials. Because the mill is made of pure metal, when the humidity is too high, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of corrosion. And the humidity is too high that means the moisture content is too high. When the moisture in the material and the air contacts the kaolin grinder, the corrosion problem will appear slowly. Therefore, the kaolin mill should avoid production in too humid working environment, and of course, it should also have good ventilation effect. After considering the surrounding environment, we need to consider the problem of grinding materials, in order to ensure that the kaolin mill can work normally. The moisture content of the material should be below 6%. If it is higher than this temperature, it will affect the normal operation of the grinder and the fineness of the finished product. When the moisture content of the material is too high, it is easy for the material and the grinding ring of the grinding roller to stick together, so it is easy to be blocked, resulting in the failure of the pulverizer to work normally. In the grinding production, the drier the material is, the higher the grinding efficiency is, and the output will naturally increase.


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