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What Are The Requirements For No Load And Load Test Run Of Complete Equipment System Of Stone Crushing Series

Last Update:2020-05-07 02:11:24

With the demand for stone in the market, the complete set of stone crushing equipment has become the main equipment for stone production in the market. For this kind of large-scale crushing equipment, it is not only necessary to do a good job of purchase, but also to do a good job of no-load test and load test requirements. The following is the introduction of no-load test and load test of stone crushing equipment.

No load test run requirements: start the stone crushing equipment according to the start-up steps in the instructions; listen to the car according to the steps in the instructions, and each stone crushing system shall meet the technical requirements. The forward or reverse Autobiography of the moving cone shall not exceed 15R / min. In operation, the bevel gear shall not have impact and periodic noise. Ensure the normal operation of the lubrication system of the equipment, ensure that the oil supply pressure is within 0.05 ~ 0.15Mpa, and the return oil temperature is within 50 ℃. According to the correct operation process, lock the hydraulic adjustment device, so that the size of the ore discharge port meets the requirements. In addition, ensure that the normal continuous operation time of the crushing equipment is more than 2 hours until it meets the requirements of identification.

Requirements for load test run: the items to be checked during the no-load test run of the complete set of stone crushing equipment. Ensure that the load test run time can run continuously for two days and nights, and allow short-term shutdown inspection during this period. The feeding force shall be increased gradually, and the load shall be increased gradually. The feeding position of the stone crushing equipment must be correctly installed to ensure that the ore can be evenly distributed in the crushing chamber. During the load test run, the support sleeve of the crushing equipment should not jump without iron. If there is iron, the support sleeve can be removed smoothly.

No load and load test run are very important for the newly installed complete set of stone crushing equipment, which is also the front step for the new equipment to be put into production, which requires the majority of users to conduct test run according to the requirements and steps. Through the normal test run, we can find the problems in the installation process of the equipment, and solve them in time, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the stone crushing equipment in the future. We must not avoid the test run for fear of trouble or delay in production. At the end of the day, entrepreneurs will suffer.


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