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What Are The Reasons Why The Superfine Mill Can't Start Normally

Last Update:2020-05-11 17:45:04

The superfine grinding machine must be started in the right order when it is working, because the process of starting the superfine grinding machine is more important. Only by starting the equipment in the right order, can the connection and cooperation between the equipment be properly guaranteed. If the startup sequence of the ultra-fine pulverizer is disturbed during startup, it will be too slow or unable to start if it is light, and it will cause equipment failure if it is serious. The correct startup method is introduced in the manual. The following editor will share with you the reason why the ultra-fine pulverizer cannot start normally. Before starting the superfine grinding machine, make preparations first, such as checking whether the bolts are tightened, whether there are sundries in the grinding chamber, whether the accessories are worn, whether the dust remover is ready, etc. when everything is ready, the machine can be started. Of course, the equipment should be started in the correct order. If these problems are ignored, it is easy to cause superfine grinding The machine can not operate normally, so the equipment can not be started normally. If the pulverizer is checked to be correct or fails to start, the problem may lie in the circuit. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the power distribution cabinet is powered on, whether the fuse is blown, and whether the voltage is stable. Stable voltage is very important for the production of the pulverizer. If the voltage is unstable, the pulverizer will not work normally if the voltage is light, and will lead if it is serious Damage to equipment. Therefore, the user must understand the user's instructions and precautions before using the superfine grinding machine, so as to avoid the occurrence of equipment failure.


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