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What Are The Reasons That Affect The Starting Speed Of Bentonite Mill

Last Update:2020-05-02 10:13:00

Grinding equipment is a commonly used equipment in powder industry, among which bentonite grinding machine is a more commonly used one. However, in daily production of equipment, sometimes there are some problems, such as the slow start-up speed of equipment, what causes this? Now let's have an analysis and answer. 1. When the voltage and power of the grinding production line are not enough, the motor of the bentonite mill will not move during the grinding production, which will affect the start-up time of the equipment, and even the failure to start. 2. When the current is too large, it will also affect the starting speed of the equipment. In the process of starting the bentonite grinder, if the voltage is not stable, it will cause the contactor, circuit and motor to burn out, and the life of the equipment will be greatly shortened after a long time. Therefore, a stable voltage is the premise to ensure the normal operation of the bentonite grinder. 3. When starting the bentonite pulverizer, it should follow the correct starting sequence, fasten the bolts of the equipment before starting, check whether the exhaust valve is in the fully open state, and then start the equipment in the correct sequence after installation. The other is to do a good job in the daily maintenance of the bentonite grinder, so that the equipment can always be in a good state, and reduce the failure of the equipment, but also improve the service life and work efficiency of the equipment.


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